Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson Relationship: break-up

Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson: A Timeline of Their Relationship

Zara McDermott, known for her appearances on Love Island, Made in Chelsea, and a compelling BBC documentary, is set to dazzle as one of the main stars in the upcoming season of Strictly Come Dancing. In this article, we’ll take you through the journey of her relationship with Sam Thompson, highlighting the key moments.

When Their Love Story Began

Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson relationship

Zara and Sam embarked on their journey together in early 2019. It happened shortly after Zara’s stint on Love Island, where she became known for her involvement with Adam Collard. At the time, Sam, a regular on Made in Chelsea, was engaged to another MIC cast member, Sophie Habboo (now married to Jamie Laing, another MIC and Strictly alum). Nevertheless, love found its way, and soon after, Zara became a part of the Made in Chelsea family.

The Turbulent Times

The latter part of 2019 didn’t offer smooth sailing for Zara and Sam. Rumours emerged that Zara had been unfaithful to Sam while they were both contestants on X-Factor: Celebrity. The alleged involvement was with her music boss, Brahim Fouradi. Initially, Zara denied these claims but later took to social media in October to confess. The couple’s heart-to-heart conversation even featured on Made in Chelsea, creating a viral meme. Thankfully, the couple managed to find humour in the situation.

Meet Brahim Fouradi

Brahim Fouradi is a music executive and talent manager who had previously worked closely with X-Factor contestants. In 2019, while Zara was participating in The All-Star edition of the show, she had a meeting with Brahim. He held the position of A&R director at Syco, Simon Cowell’s company, at the time. Since then, Brahim has left his role at Syco, and according to reports, the company has moved to Holland.

Reconciliation and Moving Forward

Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson relationship

In the latter part of 2020, Zara worked hard to regain Sam’s trust. After some initial hesitation, Sam decided to forgive her, and they chose to work through their issues as a couple. The following year, they tied the knot and have since delighted their fans with their witty TikToks. Sam and Zara currently share a lovely home in Chelsea, London, located close to Sam’s sister, Louise.

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Looking Ahead

Having overcome their turbulent past, Zara and Sam are determined to leave it behind and embrace the future. Fans even speculate that Sam might pop the question soon. Speaking about the “Strictly curse,” Sam shared his thoughts on Zara’s participation in the BBC contest, saying, “She was 22 [when it happened], so young. You know when you look at them and you go, ‘She ain’t going to do that again.’ I could see it in her face.”

In the summer of 2016, Zara posted a heartwarming tribute to Sam on his birthday, showcasing their deep connection and shared laughter. Their journey, marked by challenges and reconciliation, continues to inspire their fans.

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