Taylor Swift Halftime show 2023: The NFL may have Wanted Her

Taylor Swift reportedly turned down two chances to appear in the Super Bowl halftime show in 2023 and 2024. However, she has done them better. The rumored romance of hers is propelling two of the most prestigious brands in America to the top of the list: her personal and the National Football League.

Swift was seen on the streets of Kansas City on Monday, watching the Chiefs as well as tight close Travis Kelce, who sparked speculation in July about the pair’s relationship in the podcast he hosts alongside the Kelce brothers, Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce. There was a flurry of rumors after fans learned that Swift was in the family’s box with the Kelces, their mother.


taylor swift halftime show 2023

Swift’s presence on the field has increased Travis Kelce’s jersey sales up to 400%, according to one of the top sporting retailers. The NFL’s statement has stated its appreciation for the media interest. The NFL changed its profile on X, which was a social media site that was previously called Twitter and Twitter, to say “NFL (Taylor’s version)” and changed its logo to one that shows Swift dressed in Chiefs uniforms at Sunday’s game.

“On Saturday, Travis Kelce was one of the top five most popular selling NFL players and saw almost 400% increase in the sales on all of the Fanatics networks of websites, which includes NFLShop.com,” a spokesperson for Fanatics which is an official partner for the NFL’s online shopping, told Fortune in an email sent on Tuesday.

To the 12 billion dollars NFL Swift’s arrival so early during the season’s 18 weeks could lead to a brand new, impressive following known as the Swifties.


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Everything she touches turns into gold

taylor swift halftime show 2023

The multitude of Swifties who are her fans can seem to go on forever for the singers. In fact, some fans have given up as much as $25,000 in order to be able to go to her record-setting Eras Tour as many times as possible. The show-stopping appearance on Sunday has Swifties learning the game’s rules, and some of them saying via social media they believe Swift has become so famous that she has put Kelce in the spotlight.

The trend is, of course, a joke meant to infuriate football fans–Kelce has been a winner of two Super Bowls for the Chiefs in which he has an important role in the game in the game as one of the most effective tight ends currently, and perhaps ever. He was also the host of Saturday Night Live in May.

One person said Today she would be willing to take a plane to attend an NFL game to get a glimpse of Swift and added, “She’s going to bring thousands of people for the Chiefs game… Whatever she touches will be gold.”

The immense financial power associated with”Bad Blood,” the “Bad Blood” artist, is not a joke issue: She’s already attracted the interest of the Federal Reserve. In a report from July that the Federal Reserve released, they recognized her visit to Philadelphia as a way to boost the city’s tourism revenues. Analysts came up with a term for the boost in revenue that she offered to cities that she visited: TSWift Lift.

Think about the following:

Swift achieves about the exact amount of money in a single night in an Eras performance like Kelce makes in the entire season. For this U.S. leg of her tour, Swift made over 13 million dollars in ticket sales every evening. Comparatively, Kelce makes roughly 14 million dollars a year.

Swift’s influence grew to her involvement in the Google antitrust case on Thursday, as the judge was asked if an internet search would be able to provide the answer to the question in everyone’s head this week: What is the truth about Swift and Kelce in fact together?

The Eras Tour

which kicked on in March and is set to last until November, next year could be competing with Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour to become the top-grossing tour in history. Elton John currently holds that record with the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, which concluded in July and earned more than 930 million dollars. Swift is anticipated to bring in more than $1 billion from ticket sales, and that’s not even including the movie from The Eras Tour, soon to be released in theaters.


Taylor Swift’s recent appearance at an NFL game alongside Travis Kelce has generated a significant impact. Kelce’s jersey sales soared by 400%, and Swift’s involvement has drawn the attention of both her loyal fan base, the Swifties, and the NFL. Swift’s substantial financial influence and ability to boost tourism revenues in cities she visits are noteworthy. With her ongoing Eras Tour and a projected billion-dollar revenue, Swift continues to make waves in the music industry and beyond.

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