Pinayflix: Your Gateway to Filipino and International Entertainment

Pinayflix is a Filipino streaming provider with the latest and most diverse Hollywood, Philippine, and international television and movie content. We offer on-demand streaming and a vast collection of television and movies you can enjoy.

Explore Our Extensive Library

With over 10,000 titles, including the latest releases and classic hits, Pinayflix is the ultimate destination for Filipino film enthusiasts. Browse our recently added and newly aired TV and movie collections to stay up-to-date with your favorite stories before they return to TV.

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What is Pinayflix?

Pinayflix: An online streaming service created in the Philippines that offers Filipino-language television movies and shows. Founded in 2000 by Pirate Media Ventures, a venture capitalist firm with offices in Silicon Valley, it heavily relies on foreign content providers to license its content. The service has partnered with several crucial U.S. networks, including ABC, CBS, Fox, and Univision. It officially launched in the Philippines on February 27, 2018.

Diverse Content Selection

Pinayflix offers a range of Brazilian-language telenovelas, including “Velho Chico,” “Marcelino,” “Amor Em Casa,” as well as “Familia.” The service also features Spanish-language telenovelas like “Mi Familia Toca” and “No Me Toques.” Additionally, we offer a selection of Filipino adventure and action movies.

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What Does Pinayflix Offer?

Pinayflix is a Philippine streaming service that includes local and foreign films of various genres, such as action comedy, drama, horror, and thriller. You can rent movies through our website and mobile app.

Enjoy Offline Streaming

Our Pinayflix app lets you stream films offline, ensuring you can watch them even when disconnected. Furthermore, we curate selected movies based on mood and genre, allowing you to choose what to watch according to your preferences.

A Wide Range of Films

Films available on the Pinayflix app and website encompass anime films, Hollywood blockbusters, Filipino cinema classics, and movies from the Asian region.

Key Features of Pinayflix

Pinayflix is a live-streaming site designed explicitly for Filipino content. We offer a variety of programs to choose from, including sitcoms, movies, dramas, and documentaries. Our website also provides various features like user reviews and ratings, weather forecasts, and a watchlist. Additionally, Pinayflix allows users to download their favorite shows for offline viewing.

Pricing Information

Pinayflix is a Philippine streamer offering licensed and original content. It officially launched in January 2019 after acquiring the assets of the rival streaming provider Pinoyflix. As of April 1, 2019, Pinayflix boasts over 2 million users.

We offer a blend of locally produced and purchased programming on mobile and desktop devices. We provide ad-supported and subscription options for our users. Content genres include action, comedy, family, romance, and family.


  • Ad-Supported viewing: $0.99 per episode
  • Monthly subscription: $9.99 for ad-free monthly viewing

Episodes are typically released every Thursday but may vary depending on the program’s schedule. Subscriptions can be purchased through the Pinayflix application. In addition to Pinoyflix properties like GMA Network, ABS-CBN Corp., and MOVISTAR Watch, Pinayflix also broadcasts programming from independent producers and international studios.

Benefits of Using Pinayflix

Pinayflix is an internet-based subscription service offering Filipinos access to the best Filipino films and TV shows, including mini-series, feature films, comedies, dramas, and children’s programming.

Exclusive Content

In addition to various Philippine programming, Pinayflix provides exclusive content unavailable on other streaming platforms. Subscribers can stream the latest TV and movies filmed in the Philippines before anyone else. We also offer live streaming of specific award ceremonies, such as the MTV Movie & TV Awards Asia and the StarStudded Entertainment Awards.

How to Use Pinayflix

Pinayflix is an online streaming service focused exclusively on Filipino content, offering a wide selection of films, TV shows, and specials from the Philippines. You can access Pinayflix via your computer or mobile device.

  1. Sign Up: To use Pinayflix, sign up for an account. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll gain access to our entire content library.
  2. Browse and Queue: Add movies and shows to your queue to watch them later. You can browse the catalog by category or alphabetically.
  3. Multiple Viewing Options: Watch videos on your smartphone or computer through our website or app. Our website boasts a clean and straightforward layout, while the app is designed for mobile phones, featuring quick navigation and simple playback controls.
  4. Rent or Buy: Borrow or purchase TV shows and films through Pinayflix. You can buy individual episodes or entire seasons of shows, rent movies for specific durations (24 hours up to seven days), or purchase them for permanent storage on your device. Television show episodes are available as single episodes or parts of season packs.

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Pinayflix is a premier destination for the rich tapestry of Filipino and international entertainment. With the best collection of movies and TV shows spanning various genres, P-flix caters to the diverse tastes of its viewers.

Our commitment to delivering the latest releases and timeless classics, coupled with exclusive content not found on other platforms, sets Pinayflix apart as the go-to streaming service for Filipino film enthusiasts. From action-packed adventures to heartwarming dramas and everything in between, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

With the convenience of offline streaming, user-friendly features, and competitive pricing options, Pinayflix ensures that your entertainment needs are met seamlessly. Whether you’re seeking the latest in Philippine cinema or international blockbusters, P-flix has you covered.

So, why wait? Join our community of over 2 million users and embark on a cinematic journey like no other. Sign up for P-flix today and experience the best Filipino and global entertainment at your fingertips. Your favorite movies and shows are just a click away with Pinayflix!

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