AutoTempest Review 2023: Uncover the Ultimate Car Shopping Tool

Auto website Jalopnik has been rated by AutoTempest as the best site to locate used vehicles. But is it that good? What is the process? Here’s what you should be aware of.

AutoTempest is an online car shopping site, making it more straightforward for buyers to locate the vehicle you’re looking for. AutoTempest gathers listings from many websites, including automobile websites, dealerships, and even individual sellers, resulting in an all-in-one source for used and new vehicles.

AutoTempest’s interface is accessible and user-friendly. It lets you quickly narrow your search based on the model, make and location, price, and other crucial elements.

I’ve been through my fair amount of car shopping, and I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and details that AutoTempest gives car buyers. That is why AutoTempest is a valuable and effective tool to help you locate your ideal used or new automobile.

Important key

  • AutoTempest is a brand-new and used automobile search engine that combines results from multiple sites, marketplaces, online automobile dealerships, and private sellers.
  • You can find the car you want based on its model, brand, and location.
  • Advanced search choices include color, type of transmission pricing range, trim pack, and many more.
  • AutoTempest provides a blog and instructions to guide you through each step of the buying process.

What is AutoTempest?



AutoTempest is an online vehicle shopping website founded on the 8th of August 2008 by Nathan Stretch as an offshoot of, the website that searches classified ads online.

AutoTempest is a search engine that aggregates listings across the internet, including brand-new and used automobile listings from dealerships and ads from individual sellers.

Going through each new car site or used car auction is unnecessary to locate your next car.

AutoTempest aggregates new car or used listings of various leading car shopping websites that include:


eBay Motors


Cars & Bids








Facebook Marketplace

In simple terms, AutoTempest is a one-stop store for car shopping and enthusiasts of cars to locate new or used vehicles.


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What are the AutoTempest function?


If you’ve ever tried an online Google, you’ll be at ease with AutoTempest. The site,, has an intuitive interface and a results page that is familiar and simple to navigate.

Start your search by providing the most basic of information, including the model and make of the vehicle, along with your zip code and your search radius (how much distance you’re willing to travel to find your vehicle.

You can also use the advanced search option on the site to narrow your search further by adding color, type of transmission, price range, trim packages, and much more.

The listings on the page of results are easy to understand


Results are categorized according to the website where the listing for the car is derived, and vital details like cost and mileage are listed along with a picture of the vehicle.

That means you don’t need to click on every result to determine the likelihood that a used or new car suits you.

You can further refine your search from the search results page. You can search by year, price, mileage, car type, fuel type, and various alternatives to help you find the car you’re looking for.

When you click on a result, it takes you to the seller’s website, such as eBay or Carvana, where you can see more images and information about the vehicle.

If you’re interested in what other reviews are posted about this model, click the review banner for cars at the end of the search results page to check what others say about it. You can also search for reviews on cars from this page, which is the primary landing on the website.

The process of browsing the list to buy the car will differ depending on the source from which the listing was taken. When you click an option, you can leave AutoTempest to finish the remainder of the procedure.

If, for instance, you select a car on Carvana, then you’ll be taken to Carvana to finish the purchase.

What we love about AutoTempest

  • An integrated car-search experience: AutoTempest will save you the hassle of navigating to several sites to view every listing that different auto sites provide.
  • AutoTempest blogs and guides: Need more clarification on everything you need to learn about automobiles? Don’t worry about it. AutoTempest gives its customers the option of a blog and a range of guides that will help them make sense of the car buying process.
  • Simple to use interface: Navigating the AutoTempest website is straightforward. Finding new or used automobiles is the main thing AutoTempest can be described as, and it offers a fast and simple tool for doing precisely this.
  • The results are simple to read: The page with the results provides all the data you need. There’s a picture of the vehicle, its cost, mileage, and the location. It lets you quickly browse through the results to locate the perfect car.
  • Tools for support: AutoTempest offers several tools that will assist you in finding your next used vehicle and getting new car estimates. You can look up reviews and auto insurance quotes to ensure you can save cash on car insurance and obtain estimates for shipping a car to a location outside of your city.

Which aspect of AutoTempest could be able to do to improve

  • The search for car reviews could be more effective: AutoTempest offers a user-friendly tool to find car reviews from its home page. The results, however, are more complex to understand than the search engine for cars. AutoTempest claims its car reviews search tool is “specially formulated … to find the best and most reliable car reviews on the web.” There is no rhyme or logic about the kind of results provided.
  • There is no way to buy a car at AutoTempest helps you reduce time trying to find a car, but there are a few other steps to follow to purchase the vehicle. AutoTempest is an aggregator of automobile listings for used cars. Therefore, you must navigate the sites before continuing with the buying process.

Who is AutoTempest most suitable for?

You may know the car you want or have to conduct some research before you decide on a vehicle; AutoTempest is an excellent source to have at your disposal.

If you’re looking for used vehicles online instead of going from dealership to dealer, This website could save you many hours and effort in getting the right car for you.

Instead of scouring the web to compare every single one of the websites for used and new cars, AutoTempest delivers all these results in one place.

How do I sign up to be a member of AutoTempest?

There is no need to sign up with AutoTempest to access the site. When you’ve logged on to the website, you can start your search for a car immediately without signing up or signing up for any other service.

If you click an online search result, for instance, Carvana — you will be directed to the Carvana website, where you will be shown the effect again. Then, you might be asked to join that particular site to complete the car-buying process.

Documents you might require to purchase through AutoTempest

AutoTempest allows buyers to locate their dream automobile online. However, you cannot purchase directly through AutoTempest. You could purchase through an auto dealer or a private seller based on the listings. Therefore, you’ll need specific documents to buy a car to complete the purchase. 

These documents can comprise:

  • Loan pre-approval
  • Income proof
  • Car insurance proof
  • Valid driver’s license or government ID
  • Evidence of residence
  • Paperwork for trade-in
  • Information about your bank account

It is essential to find the required documents and bring them along. Learn how to get insurance for your car because you might need proof of insurance to travel with the vehicle you bought.

If you already have the insurance policy, you’ll have to add the new car to it, which could increase the cost of your insurance. Find and compare the top automobile insurance quotes online to ensure you pay the right price.

Auto Tempest Tips for Used Car Buyers

How Do I Know I’m Not Being Ripped Off on a Used Car?

No one likes feeling you’ve been ripped off. Here are a few ways to ensure you get the most value-for-money price.

  • Search multiple listings at once: AutoTempest is one of the most significant auto search engines that are available that are available on the internet. It allows you to browse listings from multiple websites at once.
  • Review to see the AutoTempest Review Search: Browse through numerous reviews to find out the pros and cons of this vehicle.
  • Find out the value of the market: Use the search function using as many websites and as broad a geographical region as possible. When you’ve finished your search, check the sidebar of The “Model Info” portion for the Kelley Blue Book price of the vehicle you’re looking at.
  • Create a budget and plan for financing: Pay in cash whenever you can. If not, ensure that your loan’s interest rate can be as minimal as you can.

What exactly is Kelley Blue Book? The Kelley Blue Book is a valuation of vehicles and research company for automobiles located in California that provides the market price of used and new cars.


AutoTempest simplifies car shopping by aggregating listings from various sources, making it easier for buyers to find new and used vehicles. Its user-friendly interface allows users to quickly narrow down their search based on multiple criteria, while helpful tools and guides provide valuable information throughout the car buying process. While it doesn’t facilitate direct purchases, AutoTempest is a valuable resource for those looking to find their perfect car online, saving time and effort.


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