Thanksgiving Day game, making a memorable entrance from an igloo.

Jack Harlow performs at the Detroit Lions' 

– Harlow, likened to Luke Skywalker on Hoth, emerges from a frozen cave in the final zone of Ford Field.

Performance Setting:

– The rapper's appearance during halftime includes a performance of "Whats Poppin'" from his album "That's What They Say."

Halftime Entertainment:

– Unfortunately, the local Lions lose 22-3 to the Green Bay Packers during Harlow's performance.

Game Outcome:

– A peculiar interaction occurs when an unidentified young man in a Lions jacket gestures towards Harlow before disappearing to the igloo.

Head-Scratching Moment:

– Harlow, featured on the March 2022 Rolling Stone cover, moves from the ice cave to the field for additional performances.

Transition to the Field:

– Alongside Lions cheerleaders, Harlow sings "Industry Baby" and performs "First Class" with a band.

Song Selection:

– Despite the Lions falling behind by halftime, Harlow encourages the crowd, saying, "This game is not over!"

Game Commentary:

– Despite Harlow's encouragement, the Packers ultimately defeat the Lions 29-22.

Game Outcome Conclusion:

– The article mentions that Harlow is not the only musical celebrity performing on Thanksgiving Day, with Dolly Parton participating in halftime

Thanksgiving Performances: